The Chicagoland Lax Getaway Registration Fee is $850.00 per team.  Registration includes 4 scheduled games (35 minute running time games) and all referee fees.  Each team will be required to submit a roster complete with jersey number, player's name, date of birth, complete address and email address.  It will be the responsiblity of the team director to email the completed roster to by September 15, 2013.  Please use the roster form below.  All players will also be required to complete a waiver/medical release form.  It will be the responsibility of the team director to submit all forms, as a team, at the registration tent prior to the team's first game.

Click HERE to download a Chicagoland Lax Getaway Registration Form.

Click HERE to download a Chicagoland Lax Getaway Roster Form.

Click HERE to download a Chicagoland Lax Getaway Waiver/Medical Release Form.



  1. No player may compete, or be rostered, on more than one team during the tournament.
  2. US Lacrosse age guidelines will be used for the U13 & U15 divisions. Age eligible High School players may compete in the U15 division.
  3. U13 players (boys) must have been born after August 31, 1999.
  4. U15 players (boys) msut have been born after August 31, 1997.
  5. No High School graduates are eligible.
  6. Any teams in violation of the above roster rules will forfeit any games in which the ineligible player participated and forfeit the opportunity to advance to the playoffs. 


Only the team spokesperson and the referee on the field will discuss any questions or disputes.  Disputes will not be heard after the game.  The spirit of the game is the key to resolving disputes.

Chicagoland Lax Getaway administration reserves the right to disqualify a team for infractions of the following policies:

  • Use of Illegal Players:  The players listed on the roster at the time the roster is submitted are the only players eligible to play.
  • False Information: Information provided to Chicagoland Lax Getaway staff on your team roster and registration form is the basis for division breakdowns. Any false information is grounds for disqualification.
  • Unnecessary vulgarity or abrasive conduct:  Good sportsmanship is expected.  Spirit of the game is expected as well.  Chicagoland Lax Getaway staff reserves the right to immediately terminate a game and/or escort a player, team, coach or spectator from the premises.



In the event of adverse weather or unplayable field conditions, the Chicagoland Lax Getaway tournament director reserves the right to:

  1. Reduce game in order to catch up with the schedule.
  2. Finish games before inclement weather arrives, or to preserve field conditions.
  3. Reschedule games, if possible.
  4. Convert tournament to a "Festival" format without playoffs or championships to enable the majority of teams the opportunity to play as many games as possible.


Every attempt will be made to update cancellations on the website.  However, weather conditions can change rapidly and all teams should be prepared to play as soon as weather clears and fields are playable. 


If thunder or lightning is observed play will be suspended immediately and players and fans will be asked to leave the field.  Play will be allowed to resume 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or sighting of lightning is observed.  If a game is in progress, the period will end immediately.  If it is the second half, the game will be considered final and the score at that time will be recorded.  If it is the first half, when play resumes it will be the start of the second half.  Every attempt will be made to begin subsequent games on time.  If the start of the second half delays the onset of subsequent games, the following actions will occur:

  1. The game suspended will play one 25 minute running time second half.
  2. Subsequent games will begin immediately after preceding games (warm up on sidelines prior to the game).  These games will consist of one 25 minute running time period until games are back on schedule.  Teams will have one 30 second timeout per game, not to be used in the last two minutes.
  3. Once games are back on schedule, they will revert to one 35 minute running time period.
  4. The score of any game with over 50% playing time finished will have the score recorded as an official score.

We will make every attempt to play every minute of every game but will not jeopardize the safety of players, fans or staff.

All games canceled due to weather will be considered a 4-2 win for both teams.


  1. No refunds will be issued for games canceled for reasons other than weather (forfeits, no shows, etc.)
  2. No refunds will be issued for games shortened due to weather.
  3. No refunds will be issued for playoff or championship games canceled due to weather.
  4. If one game is canceled due to weather, there will be no refund.
  5. If a second game is canceled due to weather, the team will receive a $250.00 refund, and an additional $250.00 refund for each game canceled thereafter. 
  6. To receive the appropriate refund, teams will need to complete a Weather Request Refund Form that will be available on the website.  This will indicate the team requesting the refund, to whom the check should be made payable and where the check should be mailed.  No refunds will be issued if a Refund Request Form is not submitted within 30 days of the Tournament.




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